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Geshan Manandhar
2 min readJun 25, 2017

Every company is a technology company. A technology company without great software and technical team is insignificant. In this post, I will unfold my understanding of what makes a tech team competent in 4 levels with 6 main criteria and 25 sub-criteria.


Below are some of the assumptions I have made for this opinionated matrix:

  • It focuses on a tech/engineering team doing software development.
  • It tilts towards software teams practicing agile methodologies.
  • It is more targeted towards web applications/APIs developing teams.
  • Many things can be added to the 6 main criteria and 25 sub-criteria, still these 25 points I think are important.
  • Many things are dependent on the scale your team works at, for example, if you get 2 requests per minute you don’t need a load-balancer :)

The matrix

If it's difficult to read jump directly to the google sheet.

Add more things

If you want to add more things check this google sheet and comment below.

Thanks to the people who helped me review this and for their valuable inputs. And thanks Sijin Joseph for the programmer competency matrix from where I got the idea to make such kind of a matrix on a team level than an individual programmer.


As a company evaluates any programmer, you could try to rate your team or processes giving them a point as per the level in each of the 25 criteria. So any team could score between 25–100 (25 is level 1 on each point and 100 is level 4 on each point). It should be an interesting exercise, here is an example.

Hopefully you know where your tech competency/maturity stands on a team level better now.

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